Back to School for Liquid Roofing’s Senior Management Team


The Senior Management Team at Liquid Roofing comprises James McKnight – Contracts Director, Pamela McKay – Finance and Office Manager and Richard Huby – Senior Estimator.

As part of their ongoing development the team have been attending the Managers to Leaders programme at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Programme Overview

Truly great small businesses have inspiring leaders at all levels.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  It has to be planned, supported and developed. In the past the sort of dynamic and action focused leadership development courses designed to achieve these outcomes have only been available to Owner/Managers and MDs.  This course creates an opportunity for all small business managers to access the same powerful experiences. MMU Centre for Enterprise has supported almost 1,500 small firms in the North West to grow their staff and their organisations.

What will be gained?

For the individual

  • You will gain best practice knowledge from inspiring leaders, who will share their stories or motivating and managing to transform organisations and achieve real results.
  • You will improve your own leadership practice through action focused peer to peer learning.
  • You will take away unique insights and experiences from observing how other managers lead in their own organisations.
  • You will gain new leadership tools and techniques to expand and enhance your day to day management.

For the business

  • Improve recruitment, management and retention through better leadership.
  • Enhance motivation and performance of staff through better leadership.
  • Become more strategic and less operational through better leadership.
  • Operate more successfully as a leadership team, as managers truly become leaders.