Built up felt roofing

Reinforced Bitumen Membranes (RBM) commonly known as felt, are one of the oldest means of waterproofing flat roofs.

Today felt still represents the largest sector of flat roof waterproofing in the UK. Modern felt systems are strong, durable and flexible enough to cope with the movement of your building. While an element of heat is involved in most installations, careful planning and safe systems of work ensure that works are carried out safely.

Partnering with market leaders such as Bauder and Garland we are able to offer single point and insurance backed guarantees for up to 25 years

Liquid applied roofing

Liquid applied roofing systems have a proven track record going back over 40 years.

They are a versatile method of waterproofing your roof and are completely cold applied, thus reducing risk.

Working with market leaders Sika Liquid Plastics and other premium brands such as Tor Coatings, Centaur and Polyroof we are able to offer BBA certified systems that are covered by single point and insurance backed guarantees for up to 25 years.

Thermal Insulation Upgrades

Conserving energy and power is essential to preserve our planet for the next generation.

Flats roofs can play their part in this. Left uninsulated huge amounts of heat escape through a roof.

By adding insulation as part of a roof refurbishment we are able to drastically improve the thermal properties of the roof and thereby reduce the cost and resource needed to heat the building.

All roof refurbishments have to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, which covers fuel and power conservation. We can advise you on the best way to meet or exceed current legislation by undertaking a survey and determining the existing U value of your roof.

Tailored to keep you in control

Tailored to keep you in control

Whether you have one building or a sprawling estate, we can tailor an asset management survey to give you the information you need to manage the roofs of your buildings.

Establishing each roof’s current condition and expected lifespan, we will then create a bespoke Roof Management Plan.

We can completely reroof where necessary or undertake ongoing annual maintenance to extend each roof’s life in line with your requirements and constraints.

  • Detailed dimension survey.
  • Core sampling to establish the roof’s condition.
  • Production of AutoCAD drawings.
  • Materials specification.
  • Full and accurate cost advice.
  • Thermal imaging survey.
  • Electronic leak detection.
  • Ultrasound surveys.
  • Vacuum dewatering.